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Shari's Bio


Photography by: Ashley

Shari VeDepo was born in 1960 and is a self-taught, abstract painter from Iowa City, Iowa. Shari has been creating art in various forms throughout her life, but in 2001 she was inspired to create her own pieces after meeting an artist at a show in Iowa City. She later attended a workshop with the artist and used her new-found knowledge and tools to do her own twist on canvas.

Her goal is to show her art in local restaurants and businesses in Northern Texas area and to do commissioned work and custom-make original art for private homes.

Today, Shari resides in Allen, Texas area working as a full-time Artist. And a full-time member at:


The creative process for her is both instinctive and emotional. The majority of her abstract works are inspired by music and nature. For her, creating art is like being free and without rules; each piece is a picture of what she’s feeling in those moments. Painting for her, like life, is constant movement, constant change. The process is cathartic, a release, allowing her emotions to spill out onto her canvas.

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Shari has some of the most unique art work you will find. She was so wonderful to work with my husband in surprising me with 3 beautiful paintings for Christmas. She took the time to look at our home and pick the perfect pieces. So when Christmas morning came I can say I was more than surprised! I was really impressed. I love the pieces we have and would definitely work with her on our new home!

Kelli D.