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Art FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

For those art buyers who would like to purchase one or more art pieces, simply click on the art piece and follow the check out instructions from PayPal.

Being the art pieces that I create are one of a kind; I can recreate another closely identical art piece you have selected. This process will take me about 2-weeks, depending on my availability.

A pre-payment will be required, being the art is customized to you (the buyer).

My Inspirations are motivated by many different factors that I come across, read about or view. It’s life on canvas.

I accept all major credit cards, Visa, Master, Discover, AMEX, cards. Including Money Order or Bank Draft on a US Bank.

Charge Backs:

As an accomplished Artist, my work is very personal to me, and when a piece is sold, I want to make sure the buyer is absolutely committed to the purchase.  Every care is made in the packaging and shipping of the art piece to prevent damage during shipment.

  1. A careful inspection of the art (photographed before being packaged).
  2. We photograph the final packaged art – before leaves our studio. The photograph is then archived with the copied packing slip  along with shipping address and buyer’s information.
  3. Tracking information from the carrier  is sent to the buyer, and monitored by the studio for final arrival and signed receipt of the art piece.

All purchases are final. And no refund will be permitted, including charge back.

Charge backs will be appealed, pursuant to card issuers and merchant services policy & procedures. Additional administrative cost will be added upon all charge back transactions.

Customers will be charged for the cost of shipping during check out.

For originals works, our shipping rates are based on courier fees determined by the shipping addresses of both the collector and the artist, as well as the measurements and weight of the artwork.

How shipping costs are calculated?
There are several factors used to assess total shipping costs for a work, including:

  • Weight and dimensions of the work*
  • The buyer’s location (for originals and prints)
  • Our location (for originals shipped directly from our studio to the buyer)

*The type of packaging materials can factor into the weight and dimensions of the parcel. A large work, for example, may require a wooden crate, which costs substantially more than a cardboard box.

Please note that VeDepo Art works with world leading couriers; UPS, FEDEX, USPS, and DHL, to provide competitive rates and amazing service.

The safety of your artwork depends greatly upon the type and quality of your packaging materials.

Below are some steps we take regarding what packaging materials we use.

Bubble wrap
An adequate amount of bubble wrap will provides a surprising amount of protection by distributing pressure and impact across a wide area. Bubble wrap does two important jobs:

1) cushions the art in the event of impact

2) fills empty space, preventing unwanted movement within your packaging.

For these reasons, we use bubble wrap as our padding and filler of choice.

High quality packing tape
We always use good quality packing tape! Here’s why:

  • Sturdy tape ensures your outer package remains shut throughout transit.
  • When wrapping the artwork, high quality tape ensures fully sealed seams, keeping damaging moisture out.
  • High quality tape is easier to separate from the roll and usually comes with a more efficient dispenser, making it faster to apply.

Acid-Free Archival Paper (Glassine)Acid-free (archival quality) paper is an absolute necessity when wrapping artwork for both shipping and storage.

Archival quality materials are pH neutral (i.e. between 7 and 8.5) and will therefore have no chemical interaction with any objects it contacts.

Though other types of archival paper are available, we use glassine.